The Interface: iTunes® for Patents

The layout of the online database is a little like iTunes® for music, or Microsoft Outlook® for emails. At the click of a folder, you can see a searchable list of worldwide patents in a given industry, or quick snapshots of top ABC companies, top inventors, or patent trends across time.


Over 200,000 Patents Related to Advanced Battery & Capacitor Market and Technology Sectors

The ABC PatentEdge is an online competitive intelligence solution and research database created for the advanced battery and capacitor industries. The database categorizes patents across diverse technology and market sectors, including busbars, sensors, electric vehicles, energy arbitrage, electrodes, electrolytes, cell geometries, sense leads, and thermal regulation.


Track Top Battery Technology Companies

Our analytics portal allows you to track top patent owners, inventors, and patent filing rates across advanced battery and capacitor markets and technology sectors. In a snapshot, you can see the top manufacturers and innovators in your industry, as well as the areas in which they have focused their recent innovation.


See What’s Trending in Advanced Batteries and Capacitors

The ABC PatentEdge allows you to see how different sectors compare to one another. For example, by comparing patent filing trends within different advanced battery technology sectors, practitioners can identify areas of accelerated growth and/or white space for future innovation.


Advanced Search

Already know what you’re looking for? Our advanced search capabilities allow you to quickly acquire intelligence on specific companies, regions, or technologies of interest.


Access Your Records Offline

If you want to use the raw patent data for your own research, you can download the information to Excel for later use.

The ABC PatentEdge solution is the only patent database specifically focused on the advanced battery and advanced capacitor industries. The ABC PatentEdge offers easy access to a single source of patent-based market information not available anywhere else.


Untapped Resource of Competitive Data

Provides a virtually untapped competitive intelligence resource specifically focused on advanced energy storage technologies. Subscribers leverage comprehensively packaged data to analyze technological innovation and broad market trends for strategic planning, business development, and efficient R&D targeting.


Stay Current on Advanced Battery & Capacitor Technology

Helps innovators in advanced battery and capacitor research areas stay up to date and “in the know” about new developments in the space, providing an edge not found in standard, journal-based research.


Consolidated Source of Patent Information

Offers a convenient source for stakeholders to quickly identify what companies are working in particular advanced battery and capacitor market areas, including both established players and emerging entities.


Affordable and Easy to Use

Affords immediate savings in time and money as an efficient, cost effective way to access, manage, and monitor competitive intelligence and technological innovation in the advanced battery and capacitor markets.


Simplifies the Process

Facilitates speedy and effective patent research for practitioners without patent search expertise.

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