1. What is the ABC PatentEdge?
    • The ABC PatentEdge is an online database of advanced battery and capacitor patents. Patents are pre-sorted into over 200 market and technology categories, such as battery sense leads (voltage, state of health, state of charge), battery markets (aviation, maritime, utility, vehicles), battery usage/lifecycle (grid storage, safety, recycling), battery hybrid systems, and ultracap solvent manufacturing (aqueous and organic). The online database allows users to search, sort, and make sense of this data. In addition, users can use the analytics portal to create custom charts of multiple patent variables, including, top assignees, inventors, and publication velocity.
  2. Which regions of the world do you cover?
    • The ABC PatentEdge contains patent publications from the US Patent Office, European Patent Office, and the World Intellectual Property Organization (international PCT patent applications). If you are interested in patent data from other countries, please contact us at info@ipcheckups.com to learn more about our custom services.
  3. Do you provide information on patent applications and issued patents?
    • Generally, yes. The ABC PatentEdge houses both issued patents and published patent publications from the US and Europe. Since the World Intellectual Property Organization is only a patent publication authority, and does not issue patents, all our PCT data comes from published patent applications. Click here for more information about international patent applications.
  4. How far back does your data go?
    • We’re about as old as Pac-Man.
    • The ABC PatentEdge houses data from as early as the 1980s. Patent coverage generally lasts for 20 years, so these older patents can be useful for identifying technologies that are already in the public domain.
  5. How often do you update your data?
    • The ABC PatentEdge updates monthly, giving you the latest issued patents and published patent applications. More frequent updates are available upon request.
  6. Why can’t I see data on patent applications filed yesterday?
    • That’s because they are top secret! Generally, national patent offices and WIPO wait 18 months before disclosing patent applications to the public. Occasionally, inventors will request an expedited publication process, so their applications will be published before 18 months have passed. Issued patents are disclosed immediately. In its own research, IP Checkups found that approximately 55% of patent applications publish within 12 months—although this figure can vary significantly, within different technology areas.
  7. How do you determine which patents go into which category?
    • Our software automatically runs searches each month on worldwide patent data to funnel patents into the different advanced battery categories. Our patent searches are developed by patent search experts with subject-area experience, and generally use keywords, patent class codes codes, assignee data, and Boolean operators to consolidate the most relevant data. For any given category, we might have up to twenty different patent searches running in tandem to retrieve results.
  8. What if there is a technology or market category that I think should be included in the ABC PatentEdge, but is not there?
    • If it is a subcategory of a category that is already available (e.g. Ceramics, a subcategory of Battery Materials), you can sub-search a category based on your keywords of interest. All the analytic tools will automatically reconfigure to analyze the subset of patent data.
    • Still not good enough? Contact us at info@ipcheckups.com for a custom database project.
  9. Isn’t patent data available publicly for free? Why should I sign up for your database?
    • Go ahead and try the free databases — we dare you!
    • After hundreds of hours searching convoluted online patent databases, refining your results, exporting the results to Excel, manipulating the data into accessible charts, and sharing results to your colleagues via 20 different email attachments — your information will already be out of date and irrelevant. Rinse and repeat.
    • Not only does our online software house pre-sorted patent data in a streamlined online interface, it also features analytic tools, monthly updated results, and sharing capabilities across an organization. In fact, we tried both free and paid online patent databases in our own 10-year old consulting business — IP Checkups — and got horribly frustrated. The ABC PatentEdge stems from software we originally created for our own internal use to address deficiencies in current patent database solutions.
  10. I am really, really interested in other clean technologies. What should I do?
    • You are in luck! IP Checkups has two additional online databases; CleanTech PatentEdge™ and LED PatentEdge™. The CleanTech PatentEdge specifically caters to the cleantech industry, while the LED PatentEdge focuses on the light-emitting diode and solid state lighting industries. Click the links below to learn more.
    • http://www.cleantechpatentedge.com
    • http://www.ledpatentedge.com
  11. How much does the ABC PatentEdge cost?
    • Vist our Get Started page to see our available plans and pricing.
  12. Permissions and Access. Can I customize the ABC PatentEdge for my group, enterprise, or institution?
    • Yes. ABC PatentEdge contains powerful administrative functions.
    • Administrators can limit permissions to determine which collections each individual user or enterprise department can access and/or see, and control user access to:
      • Drag and drop patents into other folders or the trash
      • Create and rename custom folders and sub-folders (collections) visible to individuals or the group, and/or
      • Access the edit tree which enables users to see all collections in which a single patent exists.
  13. I do not have a credit card. Can I still access the ABC PatentEdge?
    • Please contact us at info@ipcheckups.com, with your name and phone number. We will give you a call within 48 hours to set up an alternate payment arrangement.
  14. I just signed up for the ABC PatentEdge. What now?
    • Great! Thank you for signing up! You should receive an email shortly with your online username, password, and link to ABC PatentEdge.
  15. How do I troubleshoot problems with ABC PatentEdge?
    • Please contact info@ipcheckups.com with the subject heading “ABC PatentEdge Support”. Please include your email, username, and browser details (IE, Chrome, Firefox etc.) in the body of the email.
    • We try our best to make sure the software runs as smoothly as possible, and will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.
  16. Do you offer custom IP services and reports?
    • Yes. Please check out our sister site at www.ipcheckups.com for a list of all our custom service offerings.
  17. What are your terms of use?
    • ABC PatentEdge, and other subscription services provided by IP Checkups, are for your internal purposes only. You cannot redistribute, sell, or otherwise market the information contained in the ABC PatentEdge, or other subscription services provided by IP Checkups, in any form to any third party unless authorized by us in writing.
    • Any derivative works prepared by you for internal use which directly or indirectly utilize information from ABC PatentEdge shall prominently credit IPC as the source of such information and display the following statement “ABC PatentEdge provided courtesy of IP Checkups, Inc.” For more information see: IP Checkups’ Terms of Use Agreement (“ToU”).