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Technological innovation in the advanced battery and capacitor markets happens quickly. Keeping track of new entrants and the top filing companies, as well as your closest competitors, is important to your business. With our custom patent reports you’ll quickly discover:

  • Patent ownership, key inventors, and patent filing rates
  • New developments in advanced batteries
  • The size of the market and who owns what share
  • Which markets have a high potential for growth
  • Both established players and emerging entities in your industry and where they have focused their recent innovation
  • The depth of your competitors’ battery patent portfolio
  • Technological innovation and broad market trends for strategic planning, business development, and efficient R&D targeting

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IP Checkups’ expert analysts have developed four exclusive custom report types offerings

IP Checkups’ custom reports combine qualitative analysis with quantitative analytics to help you quickly assess the competitive patent landscape.

Updated on a quarterly basis, our custom reports provide you with a quick and easy way to gain insight into high-level competitive intelligence issues related to patent ownership, patent filing activity, and competitive positioning.

These custom reports were designed to make it easy to identify and analyze industry trends, monitor competitor activity, and keep up with the technical innovation in advanced batteries, so you can make more informed business decisions.

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Top Companies Report

Curious about who has been filing patents most frequently in advanced batteries? The Top Companies report profiles the largest patent holders in different battery-focused technology areas and will help you understand:

  • Who are the biggest players filing battery patents, currently and historically
  • Which battery technology areas top companies have been focused on
  • Who the key inventors are from each of the largest battery focused companies
  • Where recent patent activity of top companies has been taking place

New Entrants Report

Want to know which emerging entities have recently entered the energy storage arena? Stay on top of new patent filers and see who else is developing innovative technology besides the big corporations with the New Entrants Report that will show you:

  • New patent filers in the past 5 years
  • Patent filing activity by top new entrants
  • Which battery technology areas new entrants have been focused on

Competitor Innovation Report

The Competitor Innovation Report was designed to shed light on your competitors’ patent assets, making monitoring their patent activity a piece of cake. Select up to five (5) of your competitors to compare with your patent activity. This report will provide:

  • Overall patent activity (up to 5 of your competitors) since 1981
  • Which battery technology areas your competitors have been recently focused on
  • Where your competitors are filing most frequently

Report Pricing

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  • One report, one-time
    $149 per report
  • Semi-annually for 24 months
    $139 per report
  • Quarterly for 24 months
    $129 per report

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Patent Alerts

Need to know when your competitors are on the move? Our patent alerts are a great way to identify the newest published patents in your industry sector and monitor patent activity (US, EP, WO) in advanced batteries, with thousands of battery-related patents added to our ABC PatentEdge database each month.

You will receive weekly notifications when new patents publish or issue to your competitor’s portfolio or in a specific battery sector, depending on what you select. IP Checkups will provide patent numbers, assignees, inventors, titles, publication dates, sub-collections, region, as well as links to full patents.

You can choose to monitor either:

  • Specific companies or inventors
  • Patent class codes
  • Specific battery technology sector(s)

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