Targeted Patent Data For
Market Research &
Competitive Intelligence


  • Stay on top of the newest advanced battery technology
  • Analyze trends in the advanced battery industry
  • Easily identify key players & track competitor activity
  • Make informed decisions about next gen energy storage project
Features & Benefits

Custom Reports To
Save Time & Money


  • 4 Report types to choose from:
    New Entrants, Top Companies,
    Competitor Innovation & Patent Alerts
  • Select the battery sectors & companies you want to track
  • Stay current with weekly, monthly or quarterly report options
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ABC PatentEdge is developed by IP Checkups

Founded in 2004, IP Checkups is a boutique patent analytics firm that offers customized patent portfolio and technology analysis to companies, investors, research institutions and universities. IPC developed smart patent management software to help advanced battery and capacitor experts track trends, discover new technology, and identify competitor behavior in the space.

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